Why You Should Consider Making Room For Water Protection Tanks On Your Storage Unit Property

When you purchase a parcel of land with the intent of turning it into a storage unit property, you should consider leaving part of the property vacant. This vacant area can be dedicated to a fire protection tank. Here are all the reasons why you should have a fire protection tank on your storage property.  The Tank, Filled with Water, Will Protect Your Investment A fire protection tank is almost always filled with water.

Tips For Having A Piano Moved Into A Storage Unit

Do you have a piano that you can no longer store in your home, and are looking into a self storage unit as a possible solution? If so, it's important to know how pianos can become damaged during the move and what you can to do mitigate it. Here are some tips for moving your piano into self storage. Hire Piano Movers Moving an item as large as a piano can be a difficult task.

2 Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Storage Unit

The last thing you want getting into your storage unit is bugs. Bugs can quickly and quietly ruin your items. That is why you want to make sure you take the appropriate steps to keep bugs out of your storage unit. #1 Start With Facility-Wide Measures  The primary responsibility for keeping bugs out of your storage units should fall with the storage facility itself. When you rent a storage unit, ask about what their pest prevention strategies are.

Ways To Prevent Pests From Getting Into Your Self Storage Unit

If you'll be using a self storage unit to hold on to some items that will not fit in your home, you may have concerns about the items coming out of storage in good condition. One potential problem that can happen is pests getting inside and causing damage, which will require you to be proactive in a few ways to prevent it from happening. Here are four tips that will help prevent pests from getting into your self storage unit.

3 Ways To Protect Your Car's Appearance

UV rays, hail, and even windblown debris can wreak havoc on your car's appearance. Hail and debris primarily affect the exterior, while br4ight sunlight and UV light can damage both the exterior paint job and the upholstery and dash of your car's interior. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid weather issues. The following three tips can help keep your car looking its best. Tip #1: Use protectant products Protectants are one of the major keys to preventing weather-related damage.