2 Ways Renting A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Is Beneficial

Whether you need to store some of your household items because you are trying to get rid of some of the clutter or need to downsize before moving into a smaller space, you may be looking at various options for storage units. While trying to find out information about size availability and rental terms, you may have come across the option to rent a unit that has climate controls. 

While you may believe that such units are meant for storing electronics and other delicate items, climate-controlled units are also beneficial for other types of household items such as furniture and clothing. Below are a couple of ways that renting a storage unit with climate controls may benefit you.

1. Reduces the Risk of Water Damage From Excess Moisture and Condensation

One way that renting a climate-controlled unit for storing your household items can prove beneficial is that it helps to reduce the risk of water damage. With standard units that do not have temperature and humidity controls, the structure is often not air-tight, allowing water to seep in under the door.

The changes in temperatures can also cause condensation to build up on your items, which can lead to the deterioration of fabric and wood as well as encourage mold and mildew growth. With climate-controlled spaces, however, the doors are sealed tightly, and the constant temperature and humidity levels help to minimize the risk of condensation formation.

2. Keeps Your Items Cleaner by Reducing the Amount of Dust and Dirt in the Unit

Another benefit of storing your household items in a storage space that has climate controls is that doing so helps to keep your possessions cleaner. With standard units, dirt and dust will come in through gaps and spaces in the door and walls, and without a filter, the debris will settle on your items.

However, since climate-controlled units are airtight, the amount of dust and dirt allowed into the unit is drastically reduced. And, since the unit has a heating and air conditioning system, the filters can catch any dirt and dust that does come through.

When you need to store your household items for an extended period, consider renting a storage space that has climate controls. Not only does this help protect your items from water damage due to excess moisture and condensation buildup, but it also keeps them cleaner because there is less dirt and dust in the unit. For more information, contact a local storage company that offers climate-controlled storage