Reasons To Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you decide to rent a storage unit, various options are available, including climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage. The former option is becoming popular as it provides numerous benefits. These are the reasons for choosing climate-controlled storage units.

Temperature Control

Extremely low or high temperatures can destroy your property. For instance, extreme cold and high temperatures can result in the bending or splitting of wooden furniture or books. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage maintains the right temperature that will not damage your property.

The facilities usually have temperature sensors that alert the storage experts of temperature extremes. In return, the alert may trigger the thermostat to adjust the temperatures automatically, or the storage professionals can manually adjust the temperatures accordingly.

Improved Air Quality

Air quality is an essential requirement in a storage unit. With climate-controlled storage, the air quality remains high. That's because the facilities usually have in-built ventilation systems that ensure that the sealed unit is well-ventilated. In this regard, you don't have to open the storage area for aeration.

Overall, good air quality prevents your property from developing a musty smell. Also, you don't want dust accumulating on your electronics as it may block some parts. Hence, climate-controlled storage ensures that your delicate property, such as electronics, remains fresh and intact.

Humidity Control

High humidity can pose a danger to sensitive items like antique wood furnishings as the moisture may lead to rotting, bending, or cracking. Additionally, excess moisture encourages mold growth that may damage your fabrics or documentation. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage provides humidity control by removing excess humidity from within the storage unit.

Pest Control

Ideally, climate-controlled storage contains sealing, and there are no entry points for rodents. When rats or mice access your stored items, they may nibble on them and damage important documents or furnishings, resulting in financial losses. The insulation and sealants in the storage area prevent the entry of these pests, offering total protection against pests.

Dust and Flood Protection

Climate-controlled storage offers extra protection against dirt. That's because the units have insulation on the roofing, walls, and floors. There are also no entry points for dust or dirt since the storage has intact sealing. Additionally, the storage area shields your property against flooding when it rains as the water can't access the storage area.

Climate-controlled storage provides improved air quality and can shield your property against dirt and floods, pests, excess humidity, and extreme temperatures. Consider this storage option for these reasons.