4 Types Of Storage And Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment allows you to store all of your items and organize a manner on your property. Storage and handling equipment is stationary equipment that generally does not move. You can use moveable equipment to handle the things you store inside the stationary equipment. 

Pallet Racks 

Pallet racks are designed to allow you to place the pallets that hold your goods off the floor. Pallet rack systems provide you with multiple levels of shelving that are specifically designed to be wide enough and deep enough to hold a pallet. You can adjust the height of the shelf to accommodate how tall your goods are typically stacked on your pallets.

If your goods are shipped to your business on pallets, having pallet racks can make it easier to move your goods around. There are sliding racks, drive-in racks, and drive-through racks. The kind of racks you choose depends on the equipment you have removing your pallets around.

Stacking Frames

Stacking frames are essentially very large shelving units designed to accommodate large amounts of goods and store pallets. Stacking frames are designed to take out vertical space inside your Warehouse, allowing you to maximize the floor space in your building.


A mezzanine is a raised indoor platform that helps create a storage area above the ground. There are many different mezzanine configurations, such as module, movable, and free-standing set-ups. They are another tool that makes it easier to move goods up and down to different storage areas, and they are another way to take full advantage of the vertical space inside your warehouse. 

Drawers and Bins

When you have smaller items that you need to store, you can use the drawers and bins.  Drawers and bins are great for organizing small materials that could otherwise get lost. If you utilize drawers and bins and your warehouse, you will want to purchase shelving that is specifically designed for those types of storage containers. You can stack up the shelving, and fill it with small customizable bins and drawers, to keep track of all the small items that your business uses. 

There are many ways to keep your Warehouse organized. Stationery storage and handling equipment is a great way to organize your warehouse and take advantage of vertical space. Pallet racks, stacking frames, mezzanines, and drawers and bins, are great ways to organize all the goods that come through your warehouse. An organized system is the key to an effective warehouse. 

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