4 Things You Shouldn't Store In A Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units serve a company's and individual storage needs. You can store items such as non-family documents, electronics, and books here, freeing your home and office from clutter. These units come in varieties suited to specific storage needs.

However, some items are not allowed in a self-storage unit. Every storage company has things they refuse, but there are general items all storage companies cannot allow for safety and legal reasons. Some of these prohibited items include;

Combustible or Flammable Items

It is prohibited to store anything that can easily explode. Such items include paint, cleaners, oil, and gasoline. Similarly, explosives such as fireworks are also not allowed. If you store them out of ignorance, and they explode, you will take full responsibility for the predicament. If the storage unit company finds these items in your storage unit, they will call the authorities, and you can face a felony charge.

Perishable Items

Perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers are not allowed in a self-storage unit. Such things easily attract rodents that can cause severe damage to other people's properties within the unit. These items also rot easily and leave a foul smell within the facility.

Valuable Items

You should also not store precious metals, jewelry, and any other precious items in a self-storage unit. It is safer to keep such things in a safe deposit box at your local bank or home. While some self-storage unit companies prohibit such items, some don't; however, they will require you to provide evidence of ownership and insurance on such things.

It is not good to store cash here either; these units are not safe deposit boxes. Lastly, keep your tax documents, passports, and any other document containing sensitive personal information out of these units.

Drugs and Stolen Goods

Self-storage unit companies do not accept illegal items such as narcotic drugs. These facilities are prone to searches, and in case they find any narcotic drug, they notify the authorities. Just the way the stolen things are not safe at home, so are they in a self-storage unit. When the authorities find any stolen item in your unit, you can be charged with theft or even worse. 

You can do away with unnecessary items in your business and home by taking them to a self-storage unit. But before you take them there, contact the self-storage unit company near you to know what they do not allow in their facilities.