2 Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Storage Unit

The last thing you want getting into your storage unit is bugs. Bugs can quickly and quietly ruin your items. That is why you want to make sure you take the appropriate steps to keep bugs out of your storage unit.

#1 Start With Facility-Wide Measures 

The primary responsibility for keeping bugs out of your storage units should fall with the storage facility itself. When you rent a storage unit, ask about what their pest prevention strategies are. The storage facility should be engaging in pro-active strategies to keep pests away from all of their units. For example, make sure the storage unit company has the premises sprayed to keep pests away on either a quarterly or monthly basis. A storage unit that works with a pest company and has the pest company spray to keep bugs away in the first place is putting in the work to protect your belongings.

Also, take in the general cleanliness of the storage facility. Are the sidewalks clean? Is the landscaping well-maintained? Are all the pathways clean? Are their easy-to-access trash cans? Investing in keeping a storage facility clean is another way the storage company itself can keep pests away from their units. When the outside of the storage area is clean, it will be less tempting for bugs to get into the storage unit.

#2 Focus On Unit-Based Measures

The secondary responsibility for keeping pests away from your storage unit lies with you. To start with, you always want to elevate your boxes off the ground. Concrete temperatures change with outside ground temperatures, which can lead to the buildup of condensation. Condensation and paper boxes can lead to wet paper and mold, which attracts pests.

You can put down brick blocks, wood pallets, or install shelving. Just keep cardboard boxes and other items from coming into direct contact with the floor. Next, make sure that you clean everything before you put it in your storage unit. Wash your clothes, clean off your furniture, and sanitize your garden tools. Don't put anything dirty into your storage unit. Food and natural dirt can attract pests.

Also, never put food items in your storage unit. That includes items that smell like foods, such as candles, as well as pet food. All food sources should be kept out of your storage unit. You can keep pests out of your storage unit by renting from a facility that keeps their storage facility clean and sprays to keep pests away. You can further ensure pests don't enter your storage unit by storing items off the floor, only putting clean items in your storage unit, and keeping all food sources out of your storage unit.