Ways To Prevent Pests From Getting Into Your Self Storage Unit

If you'll be using a self storage unit to hold on to some items that will not fit in your home, you may have concerns about the items coming out of storage in good condition. One potential problem that can happen is pests getting inside and causing damage, which will require you to be proactive in a few ways to prevent it from happening. Here are four tips that will help prevent pests from getting into your self storage unit.

Inspect The Unit

Before you start filling up your self storage unit, it's a great idea to inspect the unit for potential openings. Look for places in the ceiling or walls where a pest could get into the unit, since all they need is a small hole. Make sure that those holes have been sealed up before you load your items into the self storage unit. Speak to an employee at the storage facility if you have concerns about gaps in the self storage unit, or request a different self storage unit if you are not satisfied with the one you were initially given.

Avoid Storing Items That Can Attract Pests

Certain items are going to draw pests to your unit, especially if it is food. If you must store food in the unit, make sure it is in a sealed container made out of plastic. Putting it into a cardboard box will only create a thin layer of cardboard for a pest to chew through to get to the food.

Use Peppermint Oil And Fake Snakes

One trick that will keep pests away is using peppermint oil. This oil can be sprayed on pieces of fabric and placed in places around the self storage unit perimeter. It is known to prevent pests from going into a self storage unit because they are not fond of the smell of peppermint oil, making the unit not as attractive for a place to seek out food.

Some pests can be easily scared off by using fake snakes. Buy a few of these, and place them near places where you are worried pests will get in, and it may be enough to scare the pests away.

Place Pest Traps and Bait

You can always take preemptive measures to prevent pests from getting in by placing traps in the self storage unit around the perimeter. You can also use bait to poison pests and prevent them from coming back. Next time you visit the unit, see if the bait has been eaten to know if pests have been in the unit.

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