A Few Aspects Of A Great Storage Facility

Finding a place to store your personal belongings long term is a very important decision. If you do not choose a good location then you could end up paying for it in the end. There are plenty of different places that you will be able to choose from, and many of the different storage facilities are going to be fine. However, you do not want to worry about your items. There are a few different aspects of really good storage facilities that need to be considered. Here are a few different characteristics that the storage facility you choose should most definitely have.


It is important that your belongings are safe from any burglar. Most storage unit facilities that you choose will have a type of security, but the best ones will take security to another level. There should be one entryway into the storage facility. One entryway will allow the facility manager to monitor everyone that goes in or out of the facility. It is also very nice to see security cameras. If there are security cameras then the facility is much less likely to be robbed. Security is an important aspect of a good storage unit facility, so talk with the manager about different ways they try to protect your belongings. 

Pest Control

Often different pests will try to find shelter from a big storm, or during the winter months. Pests are notorious for entering storage facilities and causing damage, so it is important the facility is protected in regards to pests. Whether there is a lot of bugs or rodents, the facility should have a pest control regime in place. Some facility managers spray themselves and others will hire a professional service to spray for bugs. Talk to the manager and look at the potential storage units. This will allow you to check for any bugs or rodents.


Water may be one of the biggest problems that people run into with storage units. The water can come from floods, or from condensation. To protect your belongings from rain water, be sure the storage unit is either inside, or that the lip of the concrete slab is raised. Condensation can be a very big problem, so you will want to add a silicone stick to absorb the moisture in the air, or you will want to pick a climate controlled self storage unit that does not allow for any condensation.