4 Reasons To Rent A Self Storage Unit On An Ongoing Basis

If you're like most people, you think of self storage units as temporary places to leave household and personal items. While it's true that they certainly come in handy for those times when you're handling household overflow prior to having a garage sale or perhaps doing some extended traveling, renting a storage unit near your home on a permanent basis has many benefits -- not the least of which is that your living space won't be nearly as cluttered. Following are just four of the many ways that you can put a permanent storage unit at a place like Pearl Street Self Storage to excellent use. 

Store Your Out-of-Season Clothing

Your closet space will me much easier to navigate if you have a place to store your out-of-season clothing. Bulky winter coats and sweaters can be put away for safekeeping during summer, and when autumn comes around, you can switch them out for your summer gear. Be sure to seal all clothing items well, and if you live in an area with significant atmospheric humidity or temperature extremes, ask your storage provider about climate controlled units. This will keep your clothing items from becoming damaged by too much heat, cold, or humidity. 

Store Your Garden Supplies and Tools

Unless you're lucky enough to have a separate garden shed, garden supplies and tools can take up a significant chunk of your garage or porch space. a self storage unit can keep your gardening stuff safely out of the way until it's time to bring it out again in spring. 

Store Your Seasonal Sporting Gear

When fishing season is over for the year, you can put away your fishing poles, tackle box, hip waders, and other items you use during fishing season. The same goes for hiking and backpacking gear or anything that involves a seasonal sport, such as snow skis and snowboards. 

Store Your Holiday Decorations

Finding good places to store boxes of holiday decorations can be a struggle even in large homes. A storage unit saves you from the hassle of having to find a place to keep them where they'll be as out-of-the-way as possible. This also goes for certain types of kitchen items you only use during the holiday season, such as large punch bowls and decorative tins and platters.

Please feel free to call or stop by your local storage unit office for more information on how renting a storage unit on a year-round basis can improve your quality of life.