Why You Should Consider Making Room For Water Protection Tanks On Your Storage Unit Property

When you purchase a parcel of land with the intent of turning it into a storage unit property, you should consider leaving part of the property vacant. This vacant area can be dedicated to a fire protection tank. Here are all the reasons why you should have a fire protection tank on your storage property. 

The Tank, Filled with Water, Will Protect Your Investment

A fire protection tank is almost always filled with water. It is akin to having a water tower on your property, or a water pump fire truck. If anything on your property ever catches fire, the firefighters have a full tank of water to which they can connect their hoses and put out the fire. If you keep your own fire hose on the property, you can also connect your hose to start putting out the fire before the firefighters get there. This might be especially helpful in instances where the fire department is made up of entirely volunteer firefighters, or all of the firefighters in a twenty-mile radius are occupied when the fire starts in one of your storage units. 

The Fire Protection Tank Is For Your Renters' Benefit Too

Renters know that their stuff is secured in their units, but fires can break out at any time. It could be the result of someone else keeping a flammable substance in their unit that they should not be keeping, or even a lightning strike. When your new renters see that you have this giant fire protection tank filled with water on the property, they may feel more confident about renting from you. The tank is there for your renters' benefit as much as it is for your benefit. 

Having a Fire Protection Tank Means That You Could Build a Storage Facility in Remote Locations

A lot of storage unit proprietors tend to build within city limits so that if something does happen to their properties, the local fire department can attend to the issue right away. However, if you invest in space and a fire protection tank from a fire protection tank manufacturer, you can build your storage unit facilities absolutely anywhere, even in remote locations in the country. It is worth considering, especially if you are having difficulty finding property that is zoned for commercial use (which is what storage unit property is usually zoned as). Talk to a tank manufacturer to see what size of tank works best.