Top 3 Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Has your home become cluttered with the addition of holiday presents and other items that you've collected over the winter months? Are you planning to declutter once spring and warmer weather arrive? With spring still a few months away, it's a good idea to start formulating a plan of attack when it comes to getting rid of the excess items in your home. Some things that you should do now or start doing soon to prepare for spring cleaning efforts include:

Rent a storage unit: Storage units are good places to keep things that are currently in the way but that you don't want to accidentally get rid of while cleaning. Although smaller storage units are usually sufficient for decluttering needs, you may want to rent a unit that is slightly larger than you think you'll need. Since people often rent storage units to help facilitate a move to a new home, it's a good idea to start looking for a storage facility right now. If you wait until you're actually in the decluttering process, you may be unable to locate a unit that is suitable.

Invest in plastic totes: Although cardboard boxes are cheaper, having at least a few plastic storage totes available can be essential to your decluttering efforts. Cardboard boxes can break relatively easily, even when they're new, resulting in items getting damaged or spilling out while en route to your storage unit. Their durability also makes plastic totes an asset when you have to move the container from room to room in order to fill it with items. Plastic totes are also more insect-proof than cardboard boxes, a feature which is important no matter whether you've rented one of the local storage units or you're going to be keeping the plastic tub in your own home.

Write up a plan of attack: Sometimes, the hardest part about decluttering is knowing where to begin. It's usually best to start simple or with the smallest cluttered area in your home. For instance, you might start with your closet, getting rid of clothes that no longer fit and taking items that are for another season to your storage unit. Once your closet is decluttered, you might move on to your bathroom or bedroom. Depending on the exact size and layout of your home, you may want to leave your kitchen and living room for last. Coming up with a plan now will help improve your efficiency once you start your cleaning efforts.