Organize And Pack Business Documents, Furnishings, And Decorations

If you have decided to rent a storage trailer from a place like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental to keep business documents, furnishings, and decorations until you move your office into a larger facility, the following tips will assist with organizing and packing items before they are placed inside of the trailer.

Place Documents In Waterproof Covers Before Stacking Them In A Bin

Purchase clear, waterproof covers to place important documents in. Before sliding papers into each cover, sort your paperwork and stack documents according to type. For instance, if you have a lot of paperwork associated with accounts receivables and payables, separate each type and place the papers in order by date. After the documents are secured inside of waterproof covers, stack the paperwork and set it inside of a large plastic bin that has a lid. 

Clean And Cover Furniture

Apply furniture polish to a lint-free cloth and wipe off wooden pieces of furniture with the cloth to eliminate dust or fingerprints. If you own furnishings that have a fabric surface, vacuum each piece of furniture and use a fabric cleaning agent and a soft-bristled brush to remove stains from the furniture. Cover the furniture with clear, fitted covers or large tarps before using a cart or hand truck to move the items to the inside of the storage unit.

Wrap Decorations In Foam Cushioning Or Bubble Wrap

If you own fragile decorations that contain a lot of intricate details, place the items on a sturdy surface. Use large pieces of foam cushioning or bubble wrap to cover each piece. Add several layers of either type of packing material and make sure that each layer is wrapped snugly around the various decorations. Use a pair of sharp scissor to cut strips of packing tape. Secure the strips of tape over the edges of the packing materials. Affix a label to the outside of each wrapped decoration and write a brief description of the item that is secured inside.

Pour packing peanuts or crushed foam into the bottom of a large, durable container. Add an even layer of the packing material before carefully setting each wrapped decoration on top of the packing material. Pour packing peanuts or crushed foam into the container until the container is filled to its rim. Secure a lid over the container and affix wide strips of tape across the sides of the lid so that the covering doesn't accidentally fall off while the items are inside of the storage trailer.