Three Car Storage Mistakes To Avoid

If you have a seasonal ride you only bring out when the weather is nice, then chances are you leave it in storage for a large chunk of the year. This is where car storage comes in handy – it provides you with a secure place that is out of the elements to keep your car when it's not in use. Before simply placing your car in storage, though, make sure you are aware of some of the mistakes that could compromise your vehicle, as well as how to avoid them:

#1: Ignoring tire issues

Tires are one of the first things to suffer when you don't drive a car very often. If you don't drive the car at least once a month, you must make an actual effort to keep the tires in good condition. First and foremost, always air them up completely before returning the car to storage, and then check the pressure at least once a month thereafter. Tires that are low are more likely to develop a permanent flat spot if the car isn't moved over long periods of time. You should also apply a tire protectant to help prevent dry rot on the rubber.

#2: Not taking charge

The battery in your car will slowly dispel its charge if the car sits for a long period of time. If you go more than several weeks without driving, especially during a hot or cold spell, the battery can go dead completely. Repeated jumpstarts shorten the life of the battery as well. You have a couple of options. The least expensive is to disconnect the battery and store it somewhere with climate control if your storage unit is not climate controlled. The other option is to invest in a trickle charger. This hooks up to the battery and keeps the charge topped off. A third, more time consuming option, is to start the car once a week and either idle it or drive it for at least 10 minutes. Just don't idle in an enclosed storage unit, since carbon monoxide can build up to dangerous levels.

#3: Storing it dirty

When returning the car to storage, make a detour to a car wash first. Road grime, insect residue, and bird droppings can all slowly degrade the paint if they are left on the car for long periods of time. A thorough wash, including the undercarriage, solves this issue. It's also a good idea to wipe down and vacuum out the interior. Any crumbs or garbage left in the car can attract pests to your storage unit, and you don't want insects or rodents moving into your car and causing damage.

For more help, contact a car storage facility in your area, like Ship Creek Storage